Intel Sigmatel sound problems


I have some problems with setting up this onboard sound stuff.

PC config is:
Model : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
Manufacturer : Intel Corporation
MP Support : 1 Processor(s)
MPS Version : 1.40
Model : D975XBX2

On-board Devices
Intel (R) 82562 Ethernet Device : Ethernet Adapter (Enabled)
Intel(R) Azalia Audio Device : Sound Adapter (Enabled)
Marvell 6145 SATA RAID Controller : Other (Disabled)
Texas Instruments TSB82AA2 1394A/B Controller : Other (Enabled)

4 GB of ram.

Problem with sound is that my mic on my headset is not working like it should. I can hear myself when i talk, people can hear every beep/music/in-game sounds and so on. Sometimes people can hardly hear me sometimes the volume is ok, echo aka i can still hear myself and people can hear all my sounds is still there.

I got SigmaTel1 and SigmaTel2 under audio settings, headset is plugin at the back. I tried loads of drivers and nothing is making any changes.. :(

Can anyone help me?
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  1. CruDOD, I personally am not having troubles, however a member of my online racing team is. He has a sigmatel audio device i presume and his problem is getting his microphone to work, he can hear fine but cant speak. we run teamspeak for our racing ease and its stressfull for him to have to type his responses and race at the same time, i ran through everything i could think of, even down to making sure his lil volume thingamajig on the headset was on and not muted, did drivers, and did more sound properties than you can shake a stick at and still i cant hear him, it wont recognize his voice in the test hardware, headset is plugged in correctly and all, i am clueless where to look next,,,has me stumped! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks all,,,,**RAZ**aZOOMIN'71
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