My CPU is broken?

Hi all,

I have a rig this rig for about 7 months with OC system. My card is Calibre 7600GT 80nm 650/800.

I did notice jagging when I played Call of Duty 2 [it did not happen before] and then I run 3DMark05 [beginner mode, not pro and business one] and I was shocked!

Here is the result:

3DMark05 Score: 4220
CPU score : 2200 approximately 1.2 fps

Before the score were:

3DMark05 Score: 7700
CPU score : 12000 approximately 8.7 fps

How is this happening? Do I "crush" my CPU?

I did run CPUID and everything was normal so were the temperatures using RivaT. [50 degrees]

and then I run Turture test [using 2 tier] + RivaT [for temp monitoring] and it is stable for 4 hours. My rigs was stable 24 hours torture test before [5-6 months ago].

I was freak-out with the result, so I put everything to default [1.86 GHz] and run again 3DMark05 and the result is the same as above. How come 3GHZ and 1.86GHz in 3DMark05 is in the same score?

One other thing is I can not play Battlefield 2142 anymore as it freezed in the beginning of the game, Comp of Heroes is not smooth anymore and I even can not shot properly in a tense situation in Call of Duty2.

Any help please....

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  1. Sounds like a failing video card to me.
  2. im gonna have to agree with genec57, definately sounds like a vid card issue..try running a vid card program, like atitool. Check to see if the clock speed and memory speed are at stock. If not it is possible the card is overheating and disabling its stock speed. Mind you there are 100 other issues that could be causing that. Anyways, check the vid card
  3. first of all i think ur V-core is too high 1.37 is above the Highest recommended voltage of a Core2 Duo.

    and ur Idle temp of 50C is way too high...again im sure its the high voltage causing the high temp

    I think ur CPU is reaching 80C at load when Intel TM(Thermal Monitor) kicks in and skip Processing cycles, thats why u are getting a low CPU score in 3Dmark, and low 3D score is due to ur under performing CPU bottlenecking ur GPU...Please check all ur CPU temps on load and also the GPU temp..lower the Vcore... it is too high i guess.
  4. These men speak the truth. Listen intently.
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