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Sorry if this has been posted before I looked to find something on this.

Ok so I am planning on building a new PC and I am not a guru at this cause this is my first time but here we go.

The Asus Striker Extreme caught my eye since I am building this new PC to strictly play games. Well my question is can I run a single graphics card on this board or do I have to have 2 video cards of the same in able to run this mother board?

Once again sorry for the stupid noob question, I just want to make sure if I buy this board if I can run a single video card or have to run duals.
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  1. you can run 1 now or forever

    orr you could add another.

    i believe this motherboard has 3 pcie slots so for multil high res monitors you can run three graphics cards. just not in sli or joined mode.

    hope this helps.

    toms hardware forums commmunity.
  2. awesome thanks man i appreciate the help.
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