external watercooling solution for high end diy noob

Here are my specs on my DIY rig
evga 680i a1
8800gtx in SLI
qx6700 overclocked and watercooled by exos1 with new 330 waterblock
4 gb ram in 4-4-4-12 timings
i get a 17700 (around there) 3dmark 06 score etc (games run at 1920x1200)

My set-up is rock solid stable but loud. I have a medium tower and dont really want an internal water cooling set-up. The exos i have now can barely cool my qx6700 and gets heat soaked after a good hour of gaming. I want to water cool everything. My big questions are

Do i need two radiators with 1 in mid stream between northbridge/cpu and the twin 8800gtx's?
What is the best external set-up and how do i make it clean?
Noise doesnt matter but i really dont want it to be turbo loud like my exos is now. Ive been watercooling for 5 years and am tech proficient just not with this. Thanks for the help oh and price doesnt matter.

EDIT: for those that dont already know the qx6700 and 8800s pump out serious heat. 8800's around 70-80c and the qx6700 is around 50-57c.
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  1. Ok, let's confirm a few things here before we start asking the pertinant questions...

    1) You want to cool the 8800s (in SLI no less).
    2) You want to cool your 6700 (which is o'clocked)
    3) You want to cool the NB

    First thing, I would definitely use two radiators and I would make them no less than dual 120mm rads at that. Each should definitely be placed after your two significant waterblocks (CPU, GPU). Alright, now you mentioned that you o'clock the CPU but make no mention of doing the same with your memory or graphics cards. So, I'll stick to that. Concerning Intel chipsets, the NB has two primary functions - it is the central hub of communications between the CPU and the various PCI lanes (PCI, PCIe, etc.) thus is affected by any o'clocking of your graphics cards. Secondly, it is also the central hub of communication between your system memory (ram), cache and the CPU. In your case, you might can get away with just placing aquality HSF setup on the NB. I am just bringing this up because adding a NB waterblock to a cooling loop really plays hell on the flow. In my setup, I use peltiers to cool my major components because I o'clock the crap out of them but am still just using a HSF on my NB. I just have good airflow through my case.

    External setup? DIY is the way to go in your case.

    MCP655 or MCP355 for the pump
    Black Ice Extreme II, GTX or the Thermochill rads
    Apogee GTX for the CPU

    For the graphics cards I would stay away fromt he "fullbody" blocks made by DangerDen, EX, Alphacool, etc. The reason is because they really do hurt a cooling loop in the flowrate department due tot he multiple 90 degree bends in their pathway. Stick with the Fuzion, Maze4, MCW60 or the Stealth. With all but the Stealth, however, you will need to have ramsinks for the GPU memory and mosfets.

    My preference is 1/2 ID tubing. Its what I've used for 5 years and it has served me well. Other people have alternative preferences and they are just as valid.
  2. Yeah im familiar with everything you are talking about. I will do some light oc'ing on my sli set-up but in my experience it gains little and adds headaches with air cooling.

    The main problem i have with the external set up is i havent found a good housing for all of it. I also dont want junk hanging off of my case. I would like an enclosure like that of the exos i have now maybe x2 or just bigger.

    The mcp655 is what i was looking at for a pump and the black ice. I dont really have an interest in water cooling the ram. I have an ocz active air cooler on teh 4 gb and prefer to run tighter timings as opposed to overclocked ram anyways. If the NB kills flow then maybe i should just change the cooler on it. The evga version isnt very good and has been known to cause board instability/failure.
  3. When I mentioned ramsinks for memory I didn't mean for your "system memory" (ram). I was talking about the memory on your videocard.
  4. Yeah i understand. Before this rig i had an old x800xtpe that was watercooled with ramsinks. I was just elaborating as to why i didnt want to water cool my ram.
  5. I'm afraid that, short of custom building your own housing, you are going to find your choices for a "housed" external watercooling kit extremely limited. Also, of the choices available, none are very.....powerful.....and are limited in their effectiveness at best (considering what you are intending).
  6. thats what has kept me from doing it honestly. Im not that handy when it comes to fabricating something. I get this feeling im going to have some kind of big nasty mess hanging out of my case. The fiance will not approve lol. I guess i need to wait or keep my eye out for some new ideas.
  7. One option that comes to mind, but would require some work to incorporate, would be adding a second radiator, which hangs from the back of the computer tower, using something such as a Swiftech Radbox . Something like this could be incorporated into your existing loop, without creating a big mess.

    Albeit, I would highly recommend changing out the pumps, as Phreejak had recommended.
  8. So where would the first radiator go? Or are you recommending modifying my current koolance radiator with a new pump? Id really like to trash teh thing. I dont have flow numbers on it but im sure it isnt that great. Also the design is bad with three loud 90mm fans pulling air through the radiator.
  9. You could always go with something like this for an external rig:
    http://www.petrastechshop.com/newa.html Petra's WaterKegIII $378.88
    All you need to buy after that is water blocks and coolent.
    Like these:
    http://www.dangerden.com/store/product.php?productid=258&cat=46&page=1 Dd Maze4 Chipset Waterblock (Nvidia 680i) $42.95
    http://www.dangerden.com/store/product.php?productid=21&cat=16&page=1 Dd Copper TDX Block for Intel 775 Processors $52.95
    http://www.dangerden.com/store/product.php?productid=257&cat=48&page=1 Dd Danger Den - 8800GTX $134.99 (each)
    http://www.petrastechshop.com/peg11coadb4o.html UV Reactive Pentosin G11 Coolant Additive (Blue) - 4oz. $4.50

    Then just get some distilled water from the grocery store and mix roughly 1 quart with the G11 and you should have plenty of coolant. But if you want you can run other coolants or mixes.

  10. ahh that water keg looks mighty cool.
  11. I meant adding that in addition to your existing setup, with the modification to your existing rig, for a new, better pump to replace the one in the exos.

    So, basically, you would have the Exos wherever it is, and a 2nd radiator hanging off the back of the tower. The only other work would be hose routing, and the pump modification/change. It would be clean and efficient.

    However, that water keg that ouch1 brought up does look like a pricey but interesting alternative.
  12. It is kind of pricey but i noticed an email link for custom water keg builds. I shot them an email and we will see what they can do. The exos just isnt efficient for this kind of heat. I could salvage the radiator but the fans are way too loud when providing adequate air flow. I would have to take it apart and re-design some 120mm fan mounts in a push design.
  13. The WaterKeg is not nearly as pricey once you take into consideration all the components used. They are all of high quality and it is solidly built. I think it is the best alternative to building an external wc rig yourself.
  14. just got the email back. He is really busy right now but is going to develop a dual loop set up in the future. I told him to save me email and hit me up when he does. I am just too busy to fab my own. One reason i want to watercool my gpus is both cards i own (8800gtx's) really overclock well. On air cooling i have been anle to get them at 650 core and 1195 ram. Heat is the limiting factor.
  15. looked into phase change cooling the cpu and using the exos for the gpus. No phase change cooler will work with overclocked quads to my knowledge.
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