Gigabyte P965-DS3 Rev. 2 No longer exists?

Hey all,

Question for anyone who knows, I hopped over to Gigabyte's site this morning to check to see if there was some sort of bios update to support the new chips and stopped short when I realized that my board was no longer on the list. They had rev 1, rev 1.3, and rev 3.3 boards but nothing else. I double checked my board to make sure that is does say rev 2.0

Back when rev 2.0 was listed on the site it told me to download the f12 bios, which I notice when looking at all the boards now is only available to the rev 3.3 board. At some point did the rev 2 turn into a rev 3.3? Or was it downgraded to a rev 1.3? Just curious if anyone knows, gonna search some more and might email gigabyte if it comes down to it.

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  1. Just double checked all the boards on Gigabyte's website, the rev. 1 has the f12 bios as well, just not the 1.3, maybe they just forgot to link it? :P
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