x800 XL burned out.. questions on replacement

Hi there,

My Radeon X800 XL 256 AGP recently died on me and I am caught with my pants down on looking for a replacement. My post has two concerns.

1. I am looking at a cost efficient card but want something at least as good as the X800. My choices are between two Sapphire cards, x1650 Pro with 256 GDDR3 or a sapphire x1650 Pro with 512 ddr2. Any advice bewteen these two is welcomed. The price differance is only like.. 15-20 bucks more for the 512mb.

2. The other question, how would either of these cards stack up to my x800 XL 256. On the interactive charts on this website I could only find an X800 XL with 512mbs, but that card outperforms the x1650 Pro 256. So I am just curious.

Thanks for all your help!
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  1. nah, i'd rather get the 256 version as 512MB doesn't really give much improvements. a couple of framerates only and nothing more.

    the x800xl has 16-pixel pipelines and the x1650 only has 12. Couple with 512MB, no doubt the x800xl will perform better. However, the X1650 is more optimized to run SM 3.0. So it's up to you to decide on either eye-candy or high framerates.

    Anyway, what games do you play? games that you play can give a strong decision to what you should get.
  2. ok so first things first you want the one with 256 and GDDR3 the extra memory dosent make hardly any diff.
    Secondly i had a x800xl great cards mine died also i am now running a x1650xt ICEQQ Turbo from overclockers which comes slightly factory overclocked and it is pretty much a straight swap framerate wise on most of my games with the added bonus of sm3 and hddr lighting.
    The pro would then obviously not be as good.
    What kind of budget do you have and what do you play,i was expecting my card to be a little better than it is but am happy with its performance, however if i was to go from x800xl with the hindsight i now have i would have got a x1950 pro.
  3. whatever you do, dont go for the ddr2 version. The ddr3 version is much better.
  4. Thank you for all the replies thus far.

    To answer a few people, I mostly play World of Warcraft, which the x800 XL pretty much smoked. I like to play some Doom3 and Call of Duty2 and was looking into getting BF2142.

    Basically, I figure with AGP being the old technology not much of a point on splurging for some really super tip top quality agp card when probably within the year I will build a new pci-e system.

    I am mostly just want something that is going to be 'as good, slightly better' than my x800 XL which burned out. If the x1650 ddr3 satisfies that, then for 85 bucks thats what I think I will get.
  5. It will look better but will run slower.
  6. Be sure you get the his iceq version it's quiet and runs cool. Or if you can spare some money get the x1950pro it will certainly outperform by quite some margin your previous card and if you have a capable cpu you will definetly be happy with the purchase.
  7. what cristip said. If you can get a 1950 pro then go for that. it may very well last you a year or so, and i play BF2142, cod2 and doom3 on it without any problems. Its probably one of the better bang for your buck agp cards.

    However, this would then mean checking your psu aswell to see if it can handle it.

    lol.....buy one thing...and you need to buy whole set of other things just to get it running in the right way! DAMN THESE COMPUTER UPGRADES!
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