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have runtime error 203 at 002945BD when trying to transfer iTunes app's to my iphone,resulting in a total roadblock that i can't get around. I have also been getting messages stating that there isn't enough memory in my pc to backup my iphone contents in itunes. i have gone up and down the ladder with this issue of "memory" and have followed every bit of free advice from sources at different sites to remove unused/ unimportant things in order to increase the memory and these attempts only seem to make the function worse. i did try to use a product that i saw on this site (endorsement/ free ad??) by ParetoLogic that was a total waste of $40. i've received nothing but the "run-around" from them! Please advise...any advice would appreciated!
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  1. You can try changing the pagefile.sys settings to increase your virtual memory. With your cursor on My Computer, right-click, select properties. When the box comes up, choose the Advanced tab, select Performance Settings, then select the Advanced tab. Press the Change button, select the HDD you want to have the pagefile.sys. System managed size the best choice, but you can increase the virtual memory, by choosing Custom size, and entering the size you want. Enter a range that is twice or four times of the amount of your total installed RAM. If you have 512MB of RAM, choose 1024MB or 2048MB. Press the OK button. You computer will tell you that you have to re-start to effect the new settings.
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