Installing Windows XP Professional over Windows XP

I have Windows XP on my hard drive, I tried to reformat my hard drive and install Windows XP Professional. What happened was I wound up having both O.S. on my hard drive and I can not reformat my hard drive to remove the Windows XP of my hard drive; help!!
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  1. Are you booting from the Windows XP CD? You can delete the partition during the Windows instalation.
  2. That I didn't try yet. I kept using the Windows XP Professional to reformat. I want to thank you for your suggestion. I hope it works, because now I have a Windows XP and 2 versions of Windows XP Professional on one hard drive; and needless to say it is reaking habit on my software programs.
  3. Yep, just boot off your XP disc. You can delete both of the current partitions. You want the whole drive to be unallocated. Then do the full format and windows install.
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