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Hi all, I've decided to take the leap and build myself another computer... This is my 4th build but I must admit I haven't necessarily been keeping up with the latest technology, so it's taken me a bit to put together this first draft. It'll primarily be for gaming... maybe some OC'ing in the future.

Here's what I'm looking at so far:

CPU - Either the E6850 or Q6600... going back and forth on this - $266
Unfortunately, neither will be out until Sunday :fou:

RAM - patriot extreme 2x2GB DDR2-800 $259 (+$30 MIR) - may not need 4 gb ram but I figured "What the hell" :sol:

Video Card - EVGA 768 mb 8800GTX 516.99 (+30MIR)

HD - samsung spinpoint 500 gb 1lj

PSU - OCZ GameXstream 700 139.99 (+35MIR)

Boa rd - MSI P35 Platinum 169 (+15 MIR) i%2bp35%2bplatinum

Optical Drives - Sony Optiarc 18x +/- SATA 33.99
LG 16x DVD-Rom 17.99

Coolin g - Thermalright Ultra 120 + Scythe SFlex 120 mm Fan @ 1600 RPM ($61 combined) m/sff21.html

Case - Either the Antec ninehundred or the P182 Gunmetal (139.99 + 40 MIR / 169.99 respectively)

Going to be running Vista. Already have a copy of ultimate so that's not a problem.

I guess my general question is... does anyone have any recommendations/thoughts/other input?

My more specific question is regarding the video card. It says it requires 28A, but the four-12V rails on the PSU only put out 18A each. When it says it requires 28A does that mean total, or is that for each rail? I am not having very good luck finding a PSU with multiple rails over 20A each... I have seen a few single rail supplies with 50A though. Would this be the way to go?

Thanks in advance
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  1. everything looks good to me...
  2. Build looks good. Here's the solution to your processor dilemma.

    Anandtech- If you're strictly building a gaming box, you'll get more performance out of the dual-core E6850. However, if you do any encoding or 3D rendering at all, the quad-core Q6600 is a better buy. Our pick is the Q6600 and if you want to make up the performance difference you can always overclock to E6850 speeds, but the chip only makes sense if you're running apps that can take advantage of four cores. As the chart above illustrates, those applications are almost exclusively limited to video encoding and 3D rendering.

    Link to the whole article-
  3. Yeah, that's kind of what I was basing my decision on. That's pretty much why I'm leaning towards the E6850 - really won't be doing any sort of rendering or encoding. But the Q6600 is pretty enticing, simply because 4 cores is more than 2 =p

    Thanks for the input guys... hopefully I'll be ordering and putting this together within the next week or so.
  4. You're good to go either way, but it's a personal choice of yours to choose between the E6850 or Q6600 depending on what you consider the best for what you do.
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