Ways to use wifi without wifi adapters

I want to be able to access the internet on my desktop but the problem is that i didn't have a aircard/wireless adapter for my desktop yet.
I have a laptop and it can access wifi connections. Is there any software that makes me able to access internet on my desktop from my laptop via USB-LAN-Bluetooth?

My wireless router is too far from my desktop. If anyone know how-to. It would be great!
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    Yes, you can use a crossover Ethernet cable and then bridge the connection between the wireless and wired network on the laptop just using Windows 7 "Network Connections."

    And if both have gigabit lan connectors, you should be able to just use a straight Ethernet cable since gigabit auto-senses.

    Here are the steps to configure:

    Connect the Ethernet crossover cable to both computers.
    Go to Network Connections Control Panel on computer with Internet access.
    Right click on the network connection that has Internet access
    Select the sharing tab
    Check the box that says "Allow other network users . . . ." Then click ok to close.
    Open your browser on the computer without wireless access and give it some time to connect.
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  3. dear Seamy,
    For sharing internet to multiple users over Ethernet, go to Network and Sharing Center. Then click on the WiFi network:

    Click on Properties (shown below), then go to Sharing and click on “Allow other network users to connect”. Make sure that networking connection is changed to “Local Area Connection”
    now get an ethernet cable and connect from desktop to laptop

    you can get your internet
  4. There is no sense. That's like saying you want to ride to work on a bike but you don't have a bike and don't want to use a bike.
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