how to run 3dmark06 on 8800gts

i just installed my 8800gts and was wondering how to run 3dmark06. I looked under all the nvidia drivers and didnt see anything. I just built this pc and i dont know if i have to downloaqd it seperately. Thanks
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  1. It is a separate download buddy.
  2. Just download it off of Futuremark's website. There is a free edition which only allows you to use a few tests or you can pay 20 bucks for the full version.
  3. I find this kind of funny....

    not trying to be disrespectful or anything, but when ever i have an issue with computer related software, i usually always google the question. Rather that wasting ur time posting here and waiting for an answer, all you really needed to do was type 3dmark06 in google and it would have told you what site you can get it from.

    google....the answer to all your worldly problems..
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