First timer wants to do MCW6500-T or similar peltier waterblock loop

Hello everyone, I'm new to posting here (been a silent reader for a long time)!

So it's that time again when I want to build a rig, and I want to try something new for the cooling. I want to base the system around an e6600. My experience with this c2d includes a build for a friend in which we used a tuniq tower 120 in side a coolermaster centurion and got it up to 3.2ghz 42c idle / 60c load using TAT. I was expecting better performance by about 2 degrees celcius, but we weren't unhappy with the results. We couldn't clock higher though.

So now it comes to my own build. I want to go with GB aurora for the case and I really would like to get into water cooling. So whilst I am a noob I've spent most of my weekend reading and learning and I think i have a very good idea on how water cooling works.

My goals are to get the e6600 to 3.7+ ghz. What I am considering is this setup for a loop:

1. H20-220 kit
2. Perhaps a fan upgrade on the MCR-220 to something with more CFM?
3. Rosewill 850 watt PS (3.3v - 24A ; 5v - 30A ; 4x12v - 20A each)

I have several questions about this kind of setup:

1. Will the power supply be able to power the peltier if the only other major power sucker is a single 8800GTS?
2. Is the MCR-220 (with upgraded fans) good enough to cool the hot side of the peltier at the kinds of speeds i'm looking for?
3. From what i understand high TDP processors are not cooled well with a peltier unless it has the wattage rating to support the high TDP application - is the MCW6500-T (at 12v since i'd be using the power supply) sufficient to to meet the power output of an e6600 at 3.7+ ghz?
4. If the MCW6500-T (I believe it is 130 watt at 12v) is not sufficient are there any other peltier waterblocks you would reccomend?
5. would the mcp655 pump and mcr-220 (with upgraded fans) create enough flow to effectively cool the hotside of the peltier and a loop in parallel for the GPU/northbridge?
6. Do you see any big knowledge gap that I have, and could you please direct me as to where I can fill that gap?

Thanks for putting up with such a needy post. I hope the questions make sense and are pertinent to the goal I am trying to reach. If any of you have any suggestions on the general build as well that'd be great! Thanks for your help in advance!
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  1. the MCW6500-T uses a 226 watt peltier block rated at 12volts/19 amps(although it can go as high as 282watts) so it is quite powerful. I'd never advocate using a peltier block with a regular PSU because of the enormous draw (in your case - 226watts, 19amps). You are against using a secondary PSU like those designed to power TECs?

    The MCP655 is plenty powerful enough for the loop but you need to have a second rad involved to seperate the CPU/GPU. For the CPU TEC you need, at the very least, a dual 120mm rad to cool the hotside and you need a second rad for the GPU so that neither block have to deal with the heatload of the other.
  2. Thank you phreejak for addressing some of my questions!

    I am not against using a secondary PSU - but the only one i've seen is about 140 dollars and that seems like a lot to spend on a component that will just power the peltier. I thought that a robust enough PS would be able to do the job. Do you have any suggestions for a dedicated TEC power supply? Would it be feasible to just put in a good 300 or 400 watt powersupply extra into the case (would run about 30 or 40 bucks instead of 140). I'd appreciate links to any products that are well trusted.

    As for the second concern you addressed, I understand that CPU hotside water mixing with GPU hotside water (running parallel) would probably be too much for the dual 120mm mcr220. I will have to worry about the GPU at a later time then.

    That still leaves the question of if the mcr220 is good enough to cool a 226watt peltier on an e6600 running 3.7+ I have seen VERY little rigorous reviews online. any links to good sites with reviews on this kind of hardware would be appreciated.

    Another question that comes to mind, are there any other peltier waterblocks than the swiftech? I don't really want to custom build my peltier waterblock - i'm not sure if I have the know-how to do that.

    All in all I really wanted to spend about 300-350 USD on cooling specific parts. The H20-220 is 250USD, the peltier is 150USD that puts me at 400 by itself, any ideas on how I can cut cost without cutting too much quality/fit&finish?

    Also I really would like to know whether or not the MCR220 is a good choice or if i should be looking at another radiator for this application?

    In general I'd love some websites that sell these kinds of parts so far all i've found is :

    Thanks again in advance!
  3. To power your TEC with a regular PSU would take more on the lines of a 400-450 watt PSU, unless you want to run the secondary PSU at higher usage rates and lowered efficiency with higher heat output.

    I would be very concerned with powering at TEC of that power with a single radiator. That's a LOT of heat to be putting in a system, especially if cooling the GPU as well. As Phreejak stated, a second radiator would be advisable.

    As far as other TEC blocks, there are not very many of that quality available. You can find them if you look around carefully.

    Spending 300-350 would be a very low budget for TEC cooling in any case. I would anticipate up to 500-600 or so for a decent, well-built TEC loop that could handle cpu, gpu, and nb. If it is any consolation, I regularly spend around 400 on a regular setup that cools just the CPU and GPU, when I build them.

    The MCR is a good quality radiator, but even it has its limitations. The only real way to handle the situation you propose, if you plan on cooling TEC/CPU, GPU and NB, would be multiple radiators. You really would want to cool the water before running it to a second component.

    If you are cooling just the TEC/CPU block, then yes, the MCR-220 can handle that decently.

    Some other sites that come to my mind would be (this list is by not by any means all-inclusive):

    Hope this helps...
  4. So if I wanted a single loop for cpu only it would look something like this?

    MCR220 - 35 USD
    2x110CFM 120mm fans - 35 USD
    MCP655 - 90 USD
    MCW6500-T - 160 USD
    Ultra Power Partner 325w - 90 USD
    Tubing and fittings - 30 USD

    This comes out to 440. So i guess the next question is what will this setup get me? I'm sure there are many people out there with a similar setup (just hard to find reviews). How will this compare to running just the h20-220 setup? it's basically twice the cost to go with the peltier. will either solution allow the e6600 to push 3.7ghz? Thanks for all the information, it's been invaluable!
  5. I've got a C2D 6600 running at 3.2 and my reading is at 0 degrees celsius. Whatever your results are, it will be better than a pure water setup.
  6. bobkat, that system should perform better than a regular H20-220 rig by a minor margin, simply for the fact of the TEC cooler. That setup should keep your system nice and reasonably cool through 3.7 Ghz.

    I currently am typing this on a E6600 OC'd to 3.6 on a normal H20-220 Ultra, and my current rig temp is 31C with room temp of 23C, and multiple applications running. Not bad if you ask me. Getting to 3.7 shouldn't add that much more heat to your system, which the TEC should easily handle.

    Let us know the results of your setup when you get it done...
  7. Oh no groveling_wyrm!!! you are making me reconsider the tec setup :P Honestly it's hard to start justifying 450 bucks for probably another 200 or 300 mhz....
  8. The difference is that you could probably reach 3.8 to 4Ghz with the TEC, whereas I don't want to risk it with my rig. How much more is that worth to you?
  9. Groveling_Wyrm said:
    The difference is that you could probably reach 3.8 to 4Ghz with the TEC, whereas I don't want to risk it with my rig. How much more is that worth to you?

    I just read tomshardware's experience overclocking the new e6750 with a swiftech watercooling setup and I must say 4.0ghz is impressive. If i can come close to recreating that I will be happy i'm leaning towards saving the extra 200 bucks i'd have to spend on going TEC.
  10. Whatever your choice, do let us know what you decide, and let us know how the build goes! We are all interested in hearing how others fare with their respective water cooled rigs.
  11. how about build your own psu
    you can probably get by with a step down transformer 120-15v rms then full bridge rectifiy it and then attach the peltier. I am almost certain that a "noisy" input on the peltier is not going to be a huge probem. you find the right xfmr on ebay then get the diodes for approximately 1 dollar each. you need four. then you are done! just assemble. think about putting a fuse in there somewheres and go
  12. Hey GIZ!!! You look at the post date and last post date? LOL!!!!!
  13. Someone had to go and dig up a corpse, eh?
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