Newegg scam? package not delivered but says it was

i ordered a combo package that included a full size gaming tower and a asus p8z77 v pro motherboard. they were shipped frgom different locations. using the tracking number it says my mother board was delivered 9-26-12 at 4:11 pm and left with man on porch although ups never came that day at all but they did come 9-27-12 430pm and they only had my computer tower so i asked about my motherboard he said this is the only package he has for me (the case) so i call ups and they say i have to call newegg but its the weekend and they are closed. long story short i ordered 2 items together only one got delivered but ups tracking numbers say they were both delivered what can i do in my situation am i at a lost for a 200$ motherboard and cant do nothing about it cause ups said it was delivered? or is there a way to make newegg send me one for sure i also oredered all parts to build a computer from newegg not having problems with anything else besides the point my mother board didnt come in when it says it did and now im stuck with a bunch of compouter parts and a case that i cant put to use.... for i dont know how long if newegg will even reimburse me or send a motherboard when i expected to have everything by tomorrow and would be putting my pc together already
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  1. someone please give me some info on what i should do
  2. Looks like UPS is the one at fault here. They need to locate the exact address to which the package was delivered.
  3. UPS would be your problem not newegg.
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