Is there any way to bypass wireless bandwith limit?

hello folks, i am currently *ahem* "borrowing" *ahem* my nabours internet, but recently they put a bandwidth limit on there wireless connection, is there any way to bypass this?

The bandwidth limit, limits to 30 kilobytes per second download and i would kill for 250kbps, i know there internet connection is more like 1MB-1.5MB because before the limit i could download with a IDM at 1MBper/s and when first starting a download i get 800KBP/s then instantly it starts gowning down until it reaches 30KBPs.

Thanks in advance
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  1. ANOTHER QUESTION: i have 2 identical wireless cards,my dad got one for Christmas last year but i had already bought one of them for me. so we have two. can i use the two on the same computer? what kind of driver/registry tweaks will have to be made?
  2. Hmmm... You would "kill" for 250kbps, but won't pay $20 a month for your own access?
  3. I am 17 without a job my parents don't see the need for a connection other then dial up. With wrestling classes and a girlfriend it is mighty hard to sustain a job.
  4. probably means they noticed you on there and instead of kicking you off completely they just reduced your bandwidth so they could have the rest to themselves, be grateful they didnt wpa it.
  5. how to bypass bandwith isa 2004
  6. Exactly the reason my router is using wpa2 and stock admin password changed....
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