Weird problem with X1300, Viewsonic and Vista

I am at a loss here and I hope someone can help out. I've read the forums and can't find anything quite like my problem; apologies in advance if it's there and I just missed it.

I received an HP a6152n computer with a Visiontek ATI XGE X1300 PCI-E card. I'm using this with a Viewsonic 22" VG2230wm as well as a 2nd monitor (another Viewsonic, 19"). The computer itself has 3GB of RAM and is Quad 2.4 and has Vista Home Premium on it. I've verified that I have the latest Catalyst Control Center and drivers.

The problem is that for awhile the monitor will be fine but then it goes black for about 5 seconds, comes back on and shows "Digital" in the top right corner for a 2nd and then it's fine again for a minute or 2 and then it repeats the process. The monitor never shuts off and doesn't even appear to be sleeping (based only on the power indicator not switching from blue to orange). It seems like at first it'll happen once every minute or so and then it'll increase in frequency so that it's happening about every 20 seconds or so. MOST of the time it's only the 22" monitor that does this but sometimes -- with no discernable pattern -- the 19" will do it as well (at the same time as the 22"). This happens whether I'm browsing the Web, writing mail, playing WoW, etc. In other words, it doesn't matter what I'm doing.

I've adjusted sleep and hibernate settings to basically be Never, I've adjusted Power Performance settings for max Performance but it's still happening and I'm completely at a loss as to where to even look at this point. Help!! :(

Oh, after one such instance of this there was a brief message that flashed saying something about driver 300 recovered from an error but I've only seen that the one time and I've looked through the diagnostic logs (the ones through the System Control Panel) and it doesn't show anything (which I'm guessing might not mean anything).

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

-- S
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  1. Have you tried a different monitor?
    Have you Tried removing the GFX card and using either another one or Onboard?
    XGE i see you have some special motherboard because XGE's are rare and few graphics cards
  2. Hi.

    I have had 6 Viewsonic monitor screens all had issues, everytime one had a problem Viewsonic support where fantastic and RMA'd my screen no questions asked (well besides asking what was wrong with the screen)

    In essence i got free upgrades to latest screens, still have not found one that works

    G90F+ (Two of them): Lasted two weeks then went green, and would not keep settings then the failed to power up (or get a picture)

    VX2025WM (only one): Lasted 3 months then had syncing problems (at boot or changing res closing/opening app)

    VX2235WM (all 3 are faulty): Lots of dead pixles, haze/color issues, overheating and some sync issues.

    I would not touch Viewsonic's 20-28" range with a barge poll, but i have seen 19" and 17" models working fine.
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