X2 4000+ Brisbane, Stock Aluminum Heat Sink, Artic Silver

I built a budget gaming PC for my niece, using an AMD 4000+ Brisbane. After building two Intel systems (E4400 & E660), I was shocked to see the temperature (BIOS) climb to 39C almost instantly and then hover between 39 and 42C. I couldn't find a CPU temp program that would work with this processor, so I only have the BIOS readings. The stock heat sink that comes with this CPU in only a hunk of aluminum and a fan. A decent heat sink would run me, at least, another thirty dollars. If I would have known this earlier, I would have spent my money on a better processor. It is my understanding that AMD ships a better heat sink (one with heat pipes) with the faster processors.

Well I tried overclocking the processor using Biostars automatic overclock function, set to V-6, which should give an overclock of 10 to 15 percent. The temperature, this time, climbed instantly to 50C. This is something I didn't like at all! I reset the system and decided to replace the stock thermal material with some Artic Silver. I should have done this earlier but I was lazy.

With the Artic Silver, the temperature climbed slowly to 37C and pretty much stayed there. Artic Silver is supposed to take 200 hours to cure, so I'll again try overclocking in a week or two.

In the mean time, I'm watching for sales on heat sinks. NewEgg had quite a deal on a Cooler Master heat sink, about fifteen dollars after rebate with free shipping. But it is heavy at 854 grams and it is difficult to install, so I'll probably pass on that model.

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  1. im running a amd 4000+ also, idle temp is similar to yours. high 30's.

    as for overclocking i havent even tried.
  2. A good program to monitor CPU temp is coretemp, google it, post your temps.
  3. Tried Coretemp, reported temps way to low. There are some posts out there, that AMD has a hardware issue with the Brisbane. Supposedly whatever is wrong causes erroneous readings in temperature monitor programs.
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