Last GPU question before I order...

Can't find direct comparisons so can someone please clear up for me whether I'd get better performance from a 512MB X1950 Pro or the 256MB X1950 XT?

The reviews I've seen only seem to show the 256 Pro v's the 256 XT.

Cheers all
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  1. XT > PRO

    48 shaders vs 36
  2. Heres the problem, 512mb's is great, unless your card cant really take advantage of it. The pro is a great card for the price, but is outdone even by a 256mb xt . At smaller resolutions, 10x7 or 12x10 the xt dominates. But as you go up in res, you just wont get the ability from the pro to outdo the xt even with 512 mb's. Go for the xt, youll have no regrets
  3. Cheers Tony.

    It was just the extra memory issue I wasn't sure about.
  4. Cheers Jaydeejohn.

    The explanation helps alot. It wasn't so much about the price because there's nothing in it between the Sapphire 512 Pro against the 256 XT. Just wanted to make sure of the better card and you've both cleared that up.
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