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Hello there,

I have an ASUS Striker Extreme with a Q6600 (stock cooling). I am not overclocking at this point, but when I do in the future, I will buy a better cooling system.

Right now, I need case fans that are temperature controlled..meaning they run faster when it's hotter, and slower when it's cooler. The case fans that came with my case plug directly into my power supply (which I don't like because it uses the big 4-pin molex connectors). Plus they also run at one speed when in this setup. I have the Raidmax Smilodon case and the 80mm fans came with them.

My motherboard has inputs around it for 5 optional case fans which use a small 3-pin connector. These can be controlled automatically by the temperature sensors.

What type of fans do I need?
Where can I get such fans? Any recommendations / advice?

Thanks in advance for your help!!
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  1. You need case fans that come with a 3-pin power connector.

    You can get them at, here

    Pretty much all fans come with a 3 pin connector.

    I'd recommend Scythe S-flex E.

    Edit: oops i recommended 120mm fans, didn't know if you needed 80mm but if you had a choice 120mm obviously.
    For an 80mm fan the Scythe Minebea would be good, specifically the one that puts out 31cfm
  2. Thanks icy18 for the advice and the link. Yup thats the connection I was looking for.

    What is the big difference from the different types of fans, eg. Ball, Sleeve, Hydro Wave, fluid dynamic, etc.?

    Is one better than the other...does anyone have a preference?

    Thanks in advance!
  3. Sometimes the different types of fans that you listed are more marketing hype than truly related to performance, while sometimes they do tell the difference. All i can tell you is i know which fans and manufacturers make quality fans, those include Scythe, Yate Loon, Panaflo, Sharkoon, Silverstone, Zalman, and some others but if you stick with those you'll be doing just fine.
  4. EDIT: NM I thought you needed a 4-pin header to control the fan speed, but the 3-pin headers voltage and be increased and decreased based on the mobo temp thus changing the fan speeds.
  5. Quick question, the case fan that is generally on the left side (on panel) of the case pointing to the processor...should this fan be blowing air into the computer or throwing air out?

    The stock cooler on my Q6600 moves air towards the processor.
  6. typically blows in on the components.
  7. I thought it was more important to get the hot air OUT than to get cold air IN. This is why I was thinking of having the side panel fan on EXHAUST mode. Air can always be "sucked" into the computer through the front or anywhere around the case that permits it if there is a pressure difference. What would you do????

    Also, I got a 3-pack of Ultra fans for round $15 and they work great! My motherboard controls them by adjusting the voltages to the fan.
  8. Like i said it is typical that the side fan blows in cool air, mainly on the graphics card but also the motherboard chipsets. There are different setups where you can force a positive or negative pressure in your case but typically you want the most balanced level of air coming in and air going out for optimal performance. I would advise you have the fan blowing in.
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