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Can I do a motherboard switch without reinstalling adobe

Hi guys,
I am thinking of upgrading my systems motherboard and ram, is it possible to do this without reinstalling my adobe master collection (I don't have the serial number, etc, it came with the computer when I bought it). I am currently running 32 bit Windows 7 and I am going to upgrade to 64 bit , will this mess up the adobe software, since it was originally downloaded on to a 32 bit platform?
Thank you!
(Sorry not sure if the is the correct forum to put it in)
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  1. Yes, but.... What? U got PC with pirated CS5?

    Well, we do not support piracy on Tom's Hardware.
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    Yes, the software will need to be reinstalled when you move to 64 bit Windows 7, as you cannot do a direct upgrade from 32 to 64 bit. A full reinstall is needed. If you know this is a legitimate copy of CS5, perhaps you could get in touch with Adobe to locate it, or activate the product by phone?
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  4. Hi guys,
    When I originally bought the computer I wasn't really looking for the adobe master collection, I was just looking for a relatively cheap, good computer, and I just figured that adobe was a nice add on. I just recently discovered that it was not genuine, so i am going to do some upgrades on the computer I wanted to to, and do a fresh install of windows 7.
    Thank you for your help!
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