Hardware problem, need help locating defect component.


A while ago I did a very stupid thing, that I know is dumb and I've been kicking myself for it ever since. I plugged in a fan while the computer was still running. I had one of those "fan splitters" that lets you use one molex cabel to connect 6 system fans. I plugged my fan into that while the system was still running, and the computer got messed up.

It turned itself off, tried to reboot, but shuts itselfdown again after about 5 sec. And then its stuck doing this until i unplug the power. During the 5 seconds it has power, the fans connected to the PSU spins, but the CPU fan and systemfan connected to the motherboard doesnt move.

I have tested the PSU, memory and CPU on a diffrent computer and they all work fine.
I then assumed it was a motherboard error and sent that back to where i bought it, but they tested it and it works fine.

What else can be the problem? Things not tested yet: GFX card, harddrive, dvd-rw. Will any of these cause reboots like this?

I really hope you can help, I want my gaming computer up and running again :)

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  1. what type of motherboard do you have? i have a gigabyte ga-965p-ds3 and it does this sorta double boot thing, almost exactly what you're describing. i thought it was broken at first but i realized it just has to take a second or two after that 5 seconds of power and it boots itself. at first i was frantic, yanking out the power cable immediately when the fans didn't start spinning because i was worried i'd fry the computer, but i realize now that i need to let it do that.
  2. you have a very similar problem to me.. ive tested most of the same things.. guess we are in the same boat eh? :)
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