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Last night I left for a while and my computer had automatically went into sleep mode (nothing unusual) and it was late so I went straight to bed, usually I do shut-down but I wasnt planning on going on the computer, so I left it sleeping. I wake up this morning and my computer gives me some problems starting up, but I restarted it and it worked fine. So first thing I do is try to go on the internet to check my e-mail... (I have the new tab screen as my home page) And chrome is just flashing solid black at me, so i found a thread online
(this one: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Chrome/thread?tid=4d5ee34d4828b6c7&hl=en) did that, nothing.

Also, I managed to download firefox and it isnt working there either, but when not on the new tab screen, for the most part it gives me these flashing black lines across random places on the screen, it does this one chrome as well for some web pages, others just give me solid black. So... could anyone help me?

Aso... Usually my computer will restart itself halfway through the BIOS, go through it again, then start up normally. But since this has started happening, it also has not been restarting halfway through the BIOS... Dont know if that makes any sort of difference.


Edit: Been playing around with it a little more, deactivated all plugins and everything, still doing the solid black display. But... I just opened it, then put it to smaller window on accident and it doesnt give me the problem, so there's only a problem when it's in fullscreen...

Edit again: I take that back, the black screen is just much, much less frequent, as soon as I turned around to look at my computer again it flashed quickly.
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  1. Sounds like you need to either replace the PC or re-install windows. Flashing lines across the screen is a hardware issue. Video card, or something else. Cheaper (free) to re-install Windows. If that does not fix it, replace the PC. Rebooting during BIOS load is not good, don't want to ignore that.

    Your issue is not just with the browser I'm sure, try some games or applications, you should see some issues with those also.
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