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I'm considering making a new rig in the next month or two (Age of Pwnan, w00t w00t), and was curious as to some of your opinions on whether I should use AMD or Intel. Some quick info first: I've always used AMD, and honestly would much rather use their products over Intel. At the moment, though, I know the E6600 is ridiculously overclockable, with something in the neighborhood of 50% over being stable. The fact that this particular CPU can go that far OC is the main thing making me consider Intel, though as I said before, I'd prefer to use AMD.

So on to the question: Which is the best AMD processor for OC'ing now, and which setup (AMD or Intel) is going to give me the most longevity and upgrade-ability?

The comp will be liquid cooled, so temps won't be an issue. Also, it will be primarily a gaming system.
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  1. From what i have seen the amd isnt even close at the moment. A base intel core2 will go further than high end amd.
  2. Newegg has the FX-62 for $200, and the 6600 for $223 (at those prices I'd go with the e6750 for $230, or e6550 for $185)

    Add a 50% oc to the core 2's vs 20% AMD and bang for the buck is no comparison: Intel

    Longevity - neither, they are both obsolete now. Ok... ok... if I had to pick one for being able to handle future tasks - Intel (Higher OC = more power). Will the CPU still be running in 5 years - I would have said AMD - cept with water cooling your not as likely to shorten it's lifespan (with a moderate OC).

    Upgradeability - neither. Both intel and AMD have new socket types in the near future - AM3 and whatever Intel is calling their new one. Both current ones go quad core, and as long as Barcelona comes close to the Core 2 Quad performance neither takes the upgrade point.

    Your personal preference: AMD

    Results: Tie 1-1,

    But longevity and upgradeability are both leaning towards Intel from where I'm sitting. Core 2 Quad's are sold at 3.5GHz+ where Barcelona seems to have trouble ramping up the clock speed (nothing higher than 2GHz at launch IIRC). But I fully admit it's far too early to have any clear idea how AMD's Quad's are going to hold up against Intel, which is why I didn't give out the point.
  3. Just to point out have not seen anyone in any forum substain a 50 percent oc with a intel cpu.Proper cooling and extreme air flow is needed to get 50, and the proper Hardware. You cannot just buy the cpu and expect a 50 percent oc.
  4. actually, yes. yes you can... 50% on e6600 is pushing it a little, at least without a good tower heatsink, but any lower end cpu like a 6420 will easily get a 50% oc... i don't know whic forums you have been visiting that you haven't seen a 50% oc...
  5. e4400 +50% is done everywhere....
  6. The Intel CPU will OC a lot farther than any AMD CPU. The max for the AMD64 arc that I've seen is around 3.2 on a single core Opteron. While I've seen people running their core2 duos at 3.6. So the lintel will ramp up much higher than an X2. Also the Intel CPU will kick the x2's but everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.
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