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Manual Removal of Motioninjoy

Last response: in Applications
December 28, 2011 4:17:29 PM

I need some help removing the mess left behind by a program called Motioninjoy (found at This software supposedly allows the use of Sony's Bluetooth based DualShock 3/Sixaxis controllers, but it comes at the cost of disabling support for any other Bluetooth devices and Internet tethering as all of the configuration pages are web pages served from China and peppered with potentially dangerous ads. It apparently works by replacing the drivers, or at least the device definition, of the Bluetooth dongle.

When I updated to the "latest" driver it couldn't find my Bluetooth dongle anymore. Unfortunately my Windows 7 laptop was only keeping 3 System Restore points at the time so restoring to a point before Motioninjoy or the broken driver were installed is not possible. Fortunately, in this case, Windows 7 treats the same device plugged into a different USB port as an entirely new device so I haven't lost Bluetooth completely.

I have already System Restored as far back as I can, Rolled back the driver where possible, and uninstalled the offending program. However, the buggy drivers are automatically re-installing when my Bluetooth dongle is plugged into one specific USB port.

I would like to be rid of these drivers for good, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.