Ghetto Mod: Passive Ninja Ducting

I was taking my kids for a wagon ride one day when I spotted a recipe book holder in the trash, and the light went on! Thats 1/8" clear acrylic...the making of a good duct mod for my ninja.

started out something close to this:

Slice and dice, got all artsy and craftsy on this mogambo with a utility knife and some clear drying sealant/adhesive. slice it in half and dip the base in boiling water to straighten out the corners. Make them right angles basically. lay a right angle piece over the HS and cut holes for the tips of the heat pipes to fit through, cut out a groove to fit around the exhaust fan, add a couple right angle peices in appropriate places for a top mount, and to close up the gap between the Power Supply and the HS. And, one down duct to dump air from my window fan directly into my NB. And get something that looks like this monstrosity:

and it drops perfectly in place without putting any extra stress on the HS casue its bolted at the top and rests against the fan at the bottom. Thus allowing me to run the HS without a fan on it and still get its full performance. This also frees up my 1st stick of ram to get more air. Because the ninja with a fan sits right on top of the first ram stick.

Originally I did not have that angled piece on the top but the groove I cut to fit around the exhaust fan had the top slamming into the fan just above the center. So I cut it back to the edge of the HS and added a 45 degree angle to utilize as much of the fan area as I could. So now the air from both the exhaust fan And the power supply is pulled primarily through the front of the Ninja.

Here you can see how the window fan sits above my NB ducting.

You can cut the acrylic by simply scoring it well with a utility knive and a straight edge, and then just bend it over the edge of a table and it breaks clean and straight, right across the score line. You have to be very careful when breaking it on the corners, they tend not to fullow the scored line and jet off sidways and if it breaks sidways INTO the piece you need, you toast. Probably later today I am going to cut that window fan out to fit a 12cm fan. I am going to do the same to the blowhole 80mmfan. Cause these 2 80mm's are producing about 25-27dB each and only pushing 20-25cfm of air. Whereas if I replace them with 120mm fan I will get 40-50cfm from each fan and only making around 18-20dB. Twice the air with 1/3 the noise.

Gotta love the ghetto moding.
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  1. lol bravo!
  2. The nice thing about acrylic, its easy to work with. Here it is a couple hours later with a 120mm fan replacing the 80mm window fan:

  3. Temps havent changed much but Im getting them running passive so I guess it helps
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