What's a good way to reduce the noise of a Raptor 150

I have a raptor 150 in an Antec 900, and while it is really quiet when it's idle, it has incredibly high seek noise. Is there any way I can reduce the seek noise on this hard drive, otherwise, I'm gonna go crazy! ;p

I read about the Zalman ZM-2HC2. Is that a good way to reduce the Raptor's seek noise? Need advice.

Thank you.
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  1. hmm well its possible some of the noise is coming from vibrations against the case, rubber screws or something similar would solve that. i suppose another option would be to insulate your case with some sort of sound dampening material. but other than that i duno

    Oh and i cant imagine the Zalman ZM-2HC2 helping at all with noise. it's purpose is more for keeping the hard drive cool without running a fan on it
  2. Yea I've got that drive as well, only it's in a Stacker 830. The problem is definitely the amount of pressure from the drive up against the case. Want an example? Run some kind of program that requires file access (anti-virus for instance) and put a hand on the case as far away from the drive as possible, probably on the top of the rear panel. Can you feel it vibrating? As we all know, noise is caused by vibration. Reducing the vibration is the solution. Procedure? Couldn't tell ya, friend. I'm also working on it. *Puts earplugs back in*
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