Pre-built computer...recomended card?

Okay, I was on a good role in my quest of understanding graphics cards...but when I was going to get a x1950, I found out it requires 450 watts...

The problem is, I'm buying a [very cheap] pre-built computer (ya know, like off HP-where you can customize it); so I have a warranty, thus, I cannot switch out PSU's. So I'm stuck with pretty much 350-300 watts systems...I was wondering if I should get [one] of the following cards or buy a different one [that hopefully doesn't use too much]

So which of the following IYO

256MB GeForce 8600GT (though I heard this Dx10 card wasn't worth it)
128MB GeForce 8300GS (probably not)
512MBGeForce 8500GT
256MB GeForce 8400GS
128MB GeForce 8300GS
or I will buy a
256MB GeForce 7900GS [but I'm not sure my comp will have enough watts (I think it will :whistle: )

IMO, If the 7900 works, I'll go with it. TIA
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  1. Or if the X1950 Pro Ice Q...but this is the Nvidia section.....
  2. If its pre built you will be given a list which i assume is what you have posted so if the 7900 is on the list then i would also assume that it will run it ask the supplier the question and if they say its ok then go for the 7900
  3. @mactronix
    the 7900 isn't on the list [newegg], but I've been searching and I believe its compatible with a 300-350 if it is, then I'll guess I'll get it [seemed better anyway]
  4. Well i have had a look and if you scroll to the bottom of this link teWindow unfortunatly you will see that apparently it needs more than the 300-350 you will have.
  5. Also from new egg if you check the specks it says 400 min so sorry but the answer seems to be no.
  6. You guys are forgetting the all important +12v rail. The most important factor is that +12v rail for the graphics card. You could go out and buy a 600watt psu and think you are ok only to find out the card still won't work because the unit only supplies 15amps on the +12v rail. If you have a 350 watt PSU that has the required number of amps you will be ok. The recommendation from the manu is absed off a fully loaded system with an INtel QX6*** CPU and like 5 HDDs. If you use lower range stuff (i.e. an E6400 and 1 HDD) you will have no problem. The 7900GS will work on a 350 watt PSU as long as it has over 20 amps on the +12v rails. Go to the forums on Dell's website. People have been adding 7950s to stock PSU with no problems.
  7. Thats the trouble though isnt it its rare enough to find a supplier listing min psu req let alone amps on the +12 :(
  8. Yes indeed i find this intriguing. Well you could just don't care about the warranty, i can show you how to remove the warranty seel without damaging it if you want so that's not really a problem.
  9. @lostandwandering would the 7900 (not the 7950 work) then?
    @cristip60 I would, but being a brand new computer, I don't think so (not yet, at least).

    Quote: "NVIDIA states that the maximum peak is 82 Watt for the 7900 GS. So fo a GeForce 7900 GS NVIDIA recommends a 300-350 watt power supply with 22-23 ampere on the 12 volts rail"

    Power consumption

    But, I'm a nub, and the Pwer consumption might not matter at all.....
    Also, I guess this means the 7900 is the best ? If I can't get that one, any suggestion from above?
  10. OH, BTW
    350W (not talking about SLIng here)
    ??? ?EdpNo=2682785&Sku=P450-7944&SRCCODE=YAHOODF&CMP=SPC-YAHOO#detailspe cs
  11. dells' forum goes soooooooooooo slow >_<
  12. Ugh, I keep replying to my own message :na:

    This is for more options:
    256MB GeForce 8400GS, 128MB GeForce 8300GS (nah), GeForce 7300LE (noooo)
  13. For the price eVGA's 7900GS KO is an excellent deal that requires very little power. Most labels for the card want 350 watts and 20 amps which means that if you get a Dell, you will have enough. My Dimesnion 4700 has a 300watt PSU that has 22amps and it can handle the 7900GS. One thing to keep in mind with Dell PSUs: Dell tends to under rate their units so they actually supply more power than they show.

    bob: what system are you specifically looking at? It will be easier to figure out the power supply that way.
  14. bobthecoolman said:
    Ugh, I keep replying to my own message :na:

    This is for more options:
    256MB GeForce 8400GS, 128MB GeForce 8300GS (nah), GeForce 7300LE (noooo)

    No 8 series card below the 8800GTS is worth even mentioning in the same sentence that includes the word "games". THOSE CARDS SUCK.
  15. I told you i know how you could remove the warranty seal and make it look like you didn't remove it just tell me if you want it ive done it.
  16. cristip60 said:
    I told you i know how you could remove the warranty seal and make it look like you didn't remove it just tell me if you want it ive done it.

    I'm not understanding what you are trying to say. Remove the warranty seal on what? And what are you trying to accomplish with it?

  17. About the warranty: My brother said the same thing, but that's like reading a book then returning it [okay, bad analogy]-Its basically saying you change out your PSU [or watever] and if my computer ever needs warranty, just stick the sticker back on, replace the PSU, and BAM, I've lied by saying that the warranty hasn't been broken.
    :non: :pfff:
  18. @ lostandwandering
    For the cheapest, I'm looking at the Dell Inspiron 530, which I believe has a 350W PSU. Like I said, the cheapest, since I could easily get an XPS with (last time I checked) 750W. At the moment, the Dell Inspiron, or an HP Pavilion Media Center [probably not-they say it has a 350 (or 300)W PSU though]

    The Inspiron 530 can run the 86GT-DDR3, so I'm pretty sure the 7900 should work--and I'm pretty sure that every agrees that the 8's suck unless you go for the 8800.
  19. Yes that's exactly like bobthecoolman said you can just change the psu and if you ever need warranty you just put the old psu back in stick the seal and you send it to the service.
  20. @cristip60: I understand what you are saying now, though I don't think it's a good idea (moral issue and all).

    @bob: If you get the Dell, it will handle the 7900GS. I don't know much about HP's PSUs though.
  21. @lost Okay, thanks very much (I think I'm sticking with Dell.) Mucho gracias. Now to pick out the company of the 7900....:D
  22. has a BFG card on sale for $136 or an eVGA card for $125 or so. Either would be excellent choices. Acutally check that, they don't have the eVGA card anymore.

    Here's a list of cards under 140 that would be ok. I don't know how Foxconn's cards are so stick with either the BFG or the XFX on the list.
  23. The XFX looks promising thanks :D (they recently had one for $104 :( too slow)

    Tanks (I'm pretty sure you helped me with the X1950 thread...too bad that didn't last long)
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