Can I use an external DVD duplicator case to house eSATA drives?

What do you guys think about getting a case or CD/DVD duplicator case with multiple 5.25 bays to use with removable eSATA trays? Are there any good budget ones in which I could add any standard size 3rd party power supply? This would give me control over the power supply, connections, and fans. I could route the eSATA cables manually. I hope this makes sense.

Currently I'm using multiple computers, each configured to do different things. One for general use and web design, one for video editing, one for music production. This, used with a KVM causes a lot of clutter. With eSATA I could use my best computer for anything, by simply swapping hard drives. (I use 3 HDDs simultaneously for the audio setup.) Any thoughts?

Here's two external cases I'm interested in.

Here's the Icy Dock external, but it is known to have a noisy power supply!:
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  1. I'm not sure if I catch your drift. I'm not looking to use a fileserver, but I do have AT-style power supplies and the only way I can turn them on (that I know of) is to press the power button the case, which is connected to the motherboard.
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