Recommendation for database development machine?

It%u2019s treated me fairly well for the last couple of years, but my P4 system is showing its age. I use it for everything from coding, video processing, and as a part time HTPC. I needed an oracle database to experiment with so I installed a copy of it along with some oracle dev tools. It was the straw that broke the camel%u2019s back and response time fell through the floor. I know it%u2019s because I need more memory, but I%u2019m not going to buy parts for a system that I%u2019m going to replace sooner than later.

Does anybody have any recommendations for components to go in a new box? My priorities are pretty much 1) Database Development 2) Not so heavy-duty 3-D Graphics design/rendering 3) Video Processing 4) Very Infrequent Gaming. Above all, I want to have enough resources that my IM/Email/Browsing and other random desktop tasks don%u2019t come to a grinding halt when I'm working%u2026oracle and it%u2019s dev tools are memory hogs.

I don't I don%u2019t need a bleeding edge machine, but would like something that I can do a fairly respectable overclock when I need the extra boost. While I don%u2019t do anything too intensive graphics wise on a regular basis I would like something strong enough for a 1080p display, and I am very interested in GPGPU functionality in the newer graphics cards. And is there a RAID solution comparable to Intel%u2019s matrix raid? I like the idea of having a raid 0 and a raid 1 on the same pair of drives.
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  1. the intel matrix raid and other raid set that part part of the chipset are software raid.
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