I have a saitek p2500 controler... need software

does anyone know generic software for a controller.
I got the drivers for it and Windows recognizes it, but the software for it doesn't.
I e-mailed him about this and I'm still looking for response, it's been three days since I sent the e-mail and I needed to controller five days ago.

I'm looking for something that can just get me by.
If you could emulate most with analog stick in mouse clicks with buttons that would at least get me by until I can get the official software.

If it's possible I'd like something without an installer, I just unzip it and it runs. The moment I get the software actually works, I'm going to be uninstalled. so the less that needs to be installed the better
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  1. Did u tried the windows update?
  2. the drivers for the controller are fine, those work.
    The software for the controller, doesn't recognize the control.

    And I just checked Windows update there are few things in there that could be updated but not one thing pertains to my controller.

    So I'm looking for an alternative software to program the controller the way I want.
  3. anyone know a generic software for. I can remember a few years back with a really really really old Microsoft flights that I had I had no idea where the software was or if there even was software for it, but I found something really generic check program any controller. But I can't for the life of me find it now, anyone had any idea what that software might've been.
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