Wait for the Q6600 G0 or just buy B3!!!

Im practically ripping my hair out about what to do. I have a Q6600 preordered from clubit. I did that last week..when they said end of the month and now they are saying beginning of August to the middle of August.
All of the other parts to my computer are here or already shipped and on their way. Its my birthday August 5th and i was hoping to be able to build it on that day but time is running out. I am looking to overclock my processor and I have a thermalright 120 ultra with a scythe s-flex fan. Suggestions please. B3 now or wait out the G0?
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  1. Ps. Only looking for a moderate "safe" overclock of 3.0
  2. Christ, I don't even know the difference.
  3. Orbixx said:
    Christ, I don't even know the difference.

    The G0 stepping uses 10 less watts 95 instead of 105 of the B3 and supposedly overclocks and runs cooler :/
  4. Stick with B3.
  5. Well.. the GO will be much cooler.. use less power and overclock much better and probably without needing too much extra voltage.. but if you REALLY want it soon then go for the B3 stepping.

    Dont be disapointed if it doesnt reach 3ghz though.
  6. The B3 will be just fine. My Q6600 B3 does 3.5GHz on just a smidgen over stock vCore.

  7. Yeah...I can wait, its just how long can I wait..lol. I mean it seems tankguys and clubit keep pushing back their dates. First clubit told me by the end of july, then it was end of july to beginning of august..and now maybe to the middle of august. Also saw tankguys backed their date to august 10th :( Im about 50/50 right now at trying my luck elsewhere. I heard some1 got a g0 from zipzoomfly. GRRR everything else is here. Stupid intel.

    old system: 3400+ 754, 1 gig , 160 ide -----compaq lol

    already have:
    C5 case
    2 gigs supertalent 800
    500 gb seagate
    ultra 120 extreme w/ scythe s-flex 120mm
    8800 evga 320mb superclocked
    OCZ 600 Watt PS
    asus dvd drive
    Vista home premium OEM

    clubit preorded 7-24-07 q6600 G0

    Should i cancel and try my luck? Any suggestions where I have the best odds right now?
  8. Newegg sometimes randomly ship GO stepping ones. If you want to buy one now you should go there, then theres still a chance that you can get the GO.
  9. Finally found G0 at frys.com of all places :)
  10. Which Fry's did you find the G0 at? Do you know if they had more?
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