Side Case Fan Position - Exhaust or Intake?

I figured this was the most appropriate place to post this as we all worry about heat and air flow here :)

Just had a thought when looking at my shiny new case fan...

Which way round should it be for best heat dissipation? Exahusting or Intaking air? I have 2 fans at the front which are intaking, a big 20cm fan on top that's exhausting and the (almost) mandatory back panel fan exhausting too.

A big Zalman 9700 HSF is crammed right between the top and back fans too, great for dissipating heat. Thing is, I'm quite sure I don't want to be intaking with the side case fan - but then again I'm no expert on air flow and the effects it has on cooling.

Anyone care to guide me? You might find some of these pics helpful

Best regards.
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  1. Sounds like you have an Antec 900, i have my side case fan blowing inside, thats typical, although in some cases the opposite maybe optimal.
  2. You want it to intake air.
  3. Agreed. A side panel fan set to intake air blows fresh cool air onto all the parts of the motherboard that other fans can't reach.
  4. Great, I got it right, then :)

    Thanks for the input, guys.
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