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Hi everyone this thread is also in the Vista section by no accident as this problem is happening in both operating systems.

Media Player 11 began self starting trying to connect to the MSFT online store, the self starting became so frequent it effectively disabled the use of the computer, it would restart immediately after closing the program, this began after getting some of the last available MSFT updates, but I do not know what could have caused this coming from MSFT.

So far this is whats been done by me to resolve this;

Performed virus scan using Norton IS 2010 it reported no infection.

Did a repair re installation of WinXP Pro 32 which took me to no MSFT updates and back to Media Player 9, however the problem restarted with Media Player 9?

Re ran NIS scan still reported no infection.

So I decided to run an online scan independent of Norton, ran the ESET scanner and it found and removed 3 virus infections, they were all from the Ask toolbar in Firefox, since then Media Player has not attempted restarting, but I haven't ran the OP/SYS long enough to be 100% sure its resolved.

This is also happening in Vista 64 Home Premium, I am dual booting the two operating systems but they are power switch isolated from each other.

Anyone else run into this problem?
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    Wow 13 days with no response, well FAC [For Anyone Curious], I finally discovered the problem, Virus of any kind? No I thought that was what it was because I did have a virus, but it was not the cause of the problem.

    I could make this long and drawn out going through all thats happened trying to resolve it, but the short of it is, it was all caused by my Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard, media player function control.

    I bought the keyboard for the lighted keys, never bothered with the additional gaming profiles, because the games I play I didn't need them, so I never even knew it had a media player control capability.

    Which was basically a plus addition to the K/B because why would you need that for gaming anyway, I was just after the plug and play aspect, and get down to business.

    After redirecting the media player automatic function, the problem is solved.

    I did run across another with the same problem in my search endeavors to resolve my problem and his was caused by a Logitech wireless mouse, and he also resolved his own problem.
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