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Hi, I'm new to this forum if I've broken any rules I apologize in advance. Recently I've begun learning photography and everything that goes with that i.e. editing storage ect. My entire system is getting a little long in the tooth (I'm assuming you have access to my system info that I entered) but I definately need more space as well as the ability to backup my media on a second drive in case the first one dies. My question, Should I take the Samsung 500GB HD501LJ and reinstall windows and use it as my primary? considering that my 300gb is a few years old already I'm guessing it performs better. But then my 300GB is getting a little old it would seem, to use it as my primary backup drive.

I'm a little confused and was hoping for some opinions about what I should do. If I had a little more money I might get a second Samsung drive and set up a raid system...maybe in a week or two. Right now I just need to have a way to back up all my media and my photographic workflow. but if I could achieve a noticeable performance gain by using the Samsung as my primary... Thanks in advance for reading this and your response.
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  1. I would get a smaller hdd, something like a Seagate SATA 3.0 for the OS and programs, use the 500 for storage, and get a case for the 300 and make it external back up. The case will have to have the internal connection the hdd requires, ATA or SATA, and I'd get one with both eSATA and USB external connections. Given you have an older computer the drive really won't have a noticeable impact on speed. Sounds like you need to start saving for a new machine
  2. Thanks for the reply, Sorry I assumed you could see my hardware configuration. I thought of using my older hard drive for a backup but It's about 2.5 years old and the I'm not sure that I'd trust it to keep my information completely safe. My current drive is SATA2, but from when the technology first came out I think it's a Maxline III. I'll probably just keep using the one I'm using and partition the new one for backup and to work with. I mainly use it for photo editing and storage/music movies ect. I'll just make sure I've got everything backed up along with a clean image in case it dies. I wonder if with ESATA I couldn't just run a cable out of my case directly off of a sata port rather than deal with a PCI controller card, I haven't been keeping up with the last couple of years. Eventually maybe I'll get a second Samsung do a Raid 0 config. I almost bought the new Seagate Perp drive but the Samsung did very well in a couple of the reviews I read , and the best test of all over 500 peeps at Newegg gave it 5 stars thats almost double any other drive so I figured it must be good. Anyhow take it easy and thanks again, Mike
  3. As far as I know, you'll need the controller card for the eSATA unless you have it on your mobo. Seagate now warrants their drive for 5 years while some of the other mfg warrant for 3, which is why I suggested the oldest be used just for back up given you'd only being using it at most a few minutes a day for back up. The reason I like a separate drive for the OS/programs is that you don't have to worry about data when you have to reinstall Windows. Partitioning the drive putting the OS/programs on the first and data on the second also works but given how inexpensive hdd are now, I like 2 drives. Given how long it takes to capture, render, and record video, nothing will really noticeably speed up the process but I'm probably pretty much alone in this thinking. At least with dual core you can do other things like listen to music, E Mail, and surf while doing this stuff. When all is said and done hdd configuration, at least if your data and OS are on different drives/partitions, really comes down to what works best for you.
  4. Use the 300Gb for Backup.

    All of your data should be on the 500gb as well so if either goes you are fine.

    Also, as others have noted, try putting your Swap File and %TEMP% directory on the 300Gb drive. That should help split load and improve performance.
  5. Do what zenmaster said. Also dont raid 0. Because if 1 HDD fails you will lose everything and therefore obviously all your work. If you were to do raid then raid 1 is your best option. Raid 1 is slower but copies everything on your first HDD to the second.
  6. zenmaster said:
    Use the 300Gb for Backup.

    All of your data should be on the 500gb as well so if either goes you are fine.

    Also, as others have noted, try putting your Swap File and %TEMP% directory on the 300Gb drive. That should help split load and improve performance.

    Thanks for the replies, now let me see if I have this straight. I'm particularly interested in the swap file and %TEMP%directory. If I use the 300 GB as a backup as per suggestions I'd be putting it in an external enclosure and connecting either with usb2.0 or ESATA. TO me that doesn't sound like a good candidate for the swap file. I know how to change the size and place of the Swap file but do't think I've ever moved the %TEMP% File. This should prove interesting. Another thing I need to figure out is how to best configure Photoshops equivilent of the SWAP file I forget what it's called that should help speed that up as well. I think I will buy a smaller drive as my primary perhaps a 320 they seem to be at a sweet spot right now and I already have a nice clean image so it should n't take long to get set up...Now to find the fastest R/W SEEK times vs reliability. I like that 5 year warranty though. Thanks again for all the replies and I'll skip the RAID I'll just find a good backup program keep double sets as well as the backup.
  7. Why would you put it in an external enclosure?
    You case can't handle multiple HDDs?

    For %TEMP%, just do "Properties of My Computer", Advanced Tab, Environment Variables button.
  8. Yes it can. In the first reply we discussed external. I guess my thinking is that this drive is around 2.5 years old and will probably be the first to die so if I used it in an external drive simply for backups it would be powered off when not in use. I have a lian li case which I think will hold up to four HDD and four SATA2 ports on my mobo. SO you are thinking to use my 500GB as my main drive and put the 300gb in my computer for swap file and backup?
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