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Hi all,

My computer has been having some weird graphics issues recently with the latest Vista 32bit drivers. Occasionaly, the screen will freeze for up to about 15 seconds, and my monitor will go to sleep, then come back, close whatever (if any) program running with a pop-up in the toolbar saying: "The display driver nvlddmkm stoped working and has recovered." I have tried disabling SLI, taking out one 8800GTS from the 2nd PCI-E slot and even plugged in an old 7800GT in place of both my 8800's. Same problem. It just happens randomly, but happens more often if a game like C&C 3 or Sup. Com or some other intensive game is running. (The strange thing is, in DX10 mode in COH and Lost Planet, it never happens until I exit the game, but then the error happens almost immediatly.) I have tried going back to older drivers (like 15x.xx ones and that solves it but they had problems too ;) ) Any suggestions?
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  1. When you changed drivers did you clean out the old ones with a registry cleaner?
  2. Hi, not sure if this is your problem but you could give it a try. It seems that Vista checks up on your GPU and if it, for whatever reason, thinks it's hanging, it will recover to the desktop closing the running app. (or something like that :??: ) Anyway they can explain better .

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