help with new comp!!!!

refer to this thread please!

i found that ram about 4 months ago when i was making that wish list on newegg. is there something better i should get? i heard G.SKILL is really fast and im not sure what the pc-3200 or pc-6400 means. someone help?

perhaps a link to some better ram that would benefit my kick ass comp?

edit: i would like to overclock the E6850 or the Q6600 , whichever i choose.

**can someone explain the difference in a pc-3200 and a pc-8000 or pc-5300 ( whats numbers tand for?) and will 2GB be enough for the computer i posted above in the link?
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  1. The links in your other post don't work... perhaps you could post the basic details of the items here? Just the motherboard, cpu and graphics card will do, as well as what you mainly use your computer for.
  2. i will mainly use my computer to play counter-strike, hl2, and bf2. i would like to make some movies using vegas video, os idk which processor would work as to rendering speed and such..

    CPU: Intel E6850 3.0GHz or Intel Q6600 2.4GHz
    MOBO: need help finding one thats amazing
    GFX CARD: GeForce 8800GTX Superclocked 768mb
  3. For gaming that will be an incredible card. A Q6600 (or any quad, but that's best value for money at the minute) will be your best choice for video processing work. Motherboard wise, I'd recommend either an ASUS P5B deluxe which is great and will enable fantastic overclocking, or the newer P5K deluxe wifi. Personally I'd get the latter, just because it's a newer chipset.

    As far as ram goes you'll need 2GB at least, 4GB is supposed to be best if you are getting Vista, but I still use XP, so have no personal experience of this. Your ram will have to be DDR2 to work with that board. Ram speed has little impact on gaming performance, so any should be fine. If you want the best currently available at a good price then Crucial Ballistix PC8500 is it, but I don't know your budget. Personally, I'd get Crucial ballistix whatever speed you decide to go for, as it has good compatibility and good warranty support. Here's a few links:

    If you need any more help or don't understand anything, don't be afraid to ask.
  4. should i get 4GB then of that crucial? i dont know ANYTHING about OCing but im sure i can figure it out once i have this scuker built.. eventually i guess ill get vista, so should i just get the other 2GBs once i switch ot it, or is it even necessary to get the 4GB
  5. Apparently 4GB helps with video encoding.... could be useful to buy now as well because prices can only really increase from here. If you need any help OCing you can pm me if you like and I'll give you some advice, or there's plenty of good guides around the net.... it's pretty straight forward really though, when you're familiar with the basic terms and where to look in your BIOS. Good luck with it anyway
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