new video card... need suggestions

hey and thanks for read this.... ok i want to replace my old nVidia FX5500 with this card SAPPHIRE 100172L Radeon X1550 and i wont do heavy games, just little ones or none at all, is this card good or bad?? but i cant spend more than $50(meaning that even if it has rebate i cant) so please.... is this card good?? or bad?? and why :bounce:
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  1. If you don't plan on playing new games on it it's perfect low heat, low noise it's just perfect.
  2. well thanks dude i appriceate it and i intend to play HD contend also(ie videos)
  3. Do you have agp or pci-e slot?
    Because i don't know if it's hdcp compliant.
  4. What about one of the new HD2400s if its just basically a htpc you want then these were born to do the job.
  5. for cristip60 = it's a PICe slot and for mactronix, i can't afford those type of cards right now, maybe next year, i dont wanna move to HD yet cuz i dont have a HD monitor nor LCD TV so thank you and yeah... but i dont have windows vista(just in my laptop) but now i just gonna do little gaming(call of duty 2, madden NFL 2007 among others) but yeah........ and i think that this video card can handle HD video cuz my GMA950 can play HD content(in my laptop) well... thanks for y'all advice
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