Minimum Required PSU for this Rig?

I've got a computer I'm building and I'm wondering what the minimum required PSU would be. I've got an ULTRA 400W hanging around and hoping that would be sufficient for my rig.

CPU AMD Athlon 64 4000+
2 GB Patriot Ram DDR2 PC6400 (2x1024mb)
ASUS DVD Burner Drive
160GB Maxtor HD
Nvidia 8600GT 256mb

This is essentially all that would be attached to the computer besides a small case fan (80mm) or two.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John Madden
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  1. That system has fairly low power requirements and provided that the psu you're using is quality then it should work just fine, my friend had a fairly similar system running on a 300w so I wouldn't sweat it.

    Might try something like this. should be plenty for what you have.
    And a good price, IF you can get the m.i.r.?

    You made it sound like your ultra is an older one you have lying around.

    I would go for a new one but thats just me ;)
  3. just use the 1 you have its enough
  4. u should be concerned with the cpu first - spend the extra few bucks and get a amd 5600 lol
    you wont regret it
  5. Which Ultra PSU is it? You should be fine either way. Make sure you get the x2 4000+ and not the single core one.

    Happy Building and good luck :D
  6. I think the Ultra is the V-Series, but from what I can gather, this setup at full load won't draw more than 250 watts. The only concern I have left is having the amps, but it seems that might not be that bad as there is little draw on the supply. Any more suggestions/information/comments would be appreciated, but I thank everyone for their assistance in this matter.

    John Madden
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