Raid Controller driver for Vista 64-bit?

Hey everyone,
I got my Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R in yesterday and began installing Windows Vista 64-bit.

Once on the desktop, I found i didnt have the drivers for the raid controller. just installing the Intel Matrix Drivers did not install all the drivers for it so off to Gigabyte. After some digging on Gigabyte's website I found the correct ones; however, now the PC is blue-screening during bootup in normal and safe mode.

My question is has anyone else run into this and perhaps has a solution that works for them? I'd like to exhaust all my options with Vista 64-bit before I knuckle under and install 32-bit.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Perhaps you could provide more details on *exactly* how you set up your BIOS regarding drives (and what drives are connected to which connectors) before you installed windows. For example, did you adjust settings in the normal BIOS, then go into the RAID BIOS and set up your RAID array there before installing Win?
    If not, I'd suggest doing that, then reinstalling Win from scratch (don't forget to have a floppy with the RAID drivers ready and to have Win install them during the Win installation process using the Vista equivalent of the Win XP "F6" process).
  2. I appreciate your response Mondoman.

    I actually resolved my issue after stumbling upon an unrelated post on one forum so I'll post what I found.

    Apparently, the drivers for the JMicron Raid Controller (not the Intel) on Gigabytes website has an issue with Vista 64bit OS. I blue-screened twice after a fresh install once I installed the drivers for it. After a 3rd clean install, I left the drivers hanging.

    I then found a post explaining there were two raid controllers on the board (somehow I had missed this, wondering why there were two drivers on Gigabytes website). Now that I knew the purple ports on the board were JMicron, I downloaded the latest drivers from their website.

    With bated breath, I installed them. Rebooted....and no blue-screen. The raid controller was successfully installed!!

    I realize it was my own mistake for not catching that sooner but I do think it's funny Gigabyte doesnt mention this 2nd controller anywhere on the specification page for the ds3r. Its a tad odd. =)

    Hope this helps anyone else who might have this issue! is a link to the driver for this. =)
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