Poor C2D E2140 Overclocked Performance

u can see my rig rite on my xfire profile, but for the lazy, c2d e2140 obviously, 2gb of buffalo firestix 800mhz ram ddr2, saph x1950pro, 500gb wd hdd, the rest dont think matter oh yea gigabyte g33m-ds3 ocing mobo

now im pretty sure i sould be able to play a game lik battlefield 2142 max on the ingame resolution same with bf2, yet i lag, not lik a constant fps lag, hiccups all the time. i oced the proc to 2.4ghz ram is running 999mhz. i dbout the proc is this crappy considering its only a bit off from the e4300 in the reviews that are around

any help is appreciated
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  1. are you running vista? i had encountered hiccups with the operation system.

    on the side note, how can your RAM be running at 999Mhz, if you only OCed your CPU to 2.4Ghz?
  2. You're "Poor C2D E2140" is not a C2D. They use the Pentium naming scheme instead of C2D mostly because it's supposedly a low-end part. By that I mean they further stripped the Conroe architecture of it's L2 cache.

    Performance will be virtually the same in majority of applications that are not cache intensive. A lot of newer games won't see a difference between the 4MB and 2MB of cache. However, push it down to 1MB of L2 and you've further castrated the conroe architecture. They didn't come out with 4MB of L2 originally without good reason.

    Either way...in the newer games you're not going to see the huge improvement you'd like. Most likely you'll get performance that //'s the higher end C2D chips at their default clock speeds.

    http://www.hothardware.com/Articles/Intel_Pentium_E2140_Dual_Core_Pro cessor/
  3. Try running your RAM at 1:1 with the FSB, you might be pushing it a bit too high and you might have caused some instability. Then you might be able to push the E2140 a bit higher, but don't expect too much out of it, the E21xx series are crappy Allendale bins. I personally can't push my E2160 over 2.7 Ghz stable, it won't even boot at 3.0. Oh well, I got all these parts dirt cheap.
  4. the ram didnt change anything, btw the ram multiplier is at 3.33 lowest thats why im getting 999mhz on a 2.4ghz e2140, shouldnt old games stil run perfectly fine on max settings?

    i kno its gimped with the cache, but really this lag can not be normal, if that bench shows stalker max at 1024x768, theres no reason why fear, bf2 and bf2142 lag and those guys ran it with vista as well for all their benching
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