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Im buying a motherboard that has a integrated ATI X700 video chip, but i have a PCI 6200OC Nvidia card, should i install the card in it or use the chip already on it? (The X700 has VGA and HDMI port; 6200 has DVI, VGA and S-Vid)
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  1. Neither... both are crap. If I were you I'd extend my budget and at least get a 7600GT, which are pretty cheap nowadays.
  2. gee thanx a**hole. i was gona get a new gfx card like later (7800 or higher as i hate ATi) i was talking temporary. -_-
  3. I guess you're welcome? One thing you have to understand is that sometimes both are so bad that you're better off saving up some money and then getting some better stuff.
  4. i didnt mean to be rude but i really dont appreciate it when ppl call my stuff crap (even though it may be crap) The point is im buying a new mobo, cpu, and ram and then was gona put surround sound in, then i was gona look into a new gfx card. and was wondering wihc wouild be better temporarily (im pretty sure the 6200 but i know nothing about ATi cards so thats why i asked)
  5. 6200, simply because its not intergrated. no matter what a discreet GFX will beat an integrated. plus the 6200 wont leech of your Ram for memory.

    Another thing you could do is bench mark both of them on 3Dmark03/01 whichever one gets the higher score wins?
  6. The X700 should, (keyword: should) be able to outperform the 6200, on paper that is. Though since we're talking here about an integrated one, the performance should suffer, quite a lot. I'd agree with the other guy, try benching out the two and keep the one with the higher score. Though if you have less than 1GB of RAM it would make you think twice about the X700, since it's 64/128/256mb (whichever you set) that you could have used for your applications.
  7. k thanx. Ill stick with my 6200, later ill buy a Fatal1ty 7800 probably. also the integrated one for more info can be found on this mobo http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813127023
  8. 7800? for cheap like 50-70$ i hope eitherwise there 7800 are waaaaay outdated bro
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