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Is there something about certain video cards that cause problems whereas other ones (brands or types) don't?

I don't know much about video cards and all the factors involved but I helped buy a (cheaper) video graphics card for a friend and it kept crashing his computer. It's an integrated 'eMachines type' but a BFG video graphics card works but the eVGA one I got didn't work. It would crash the computer repeatedly. He replaced his BFG card with another (same specs and card) and it works. The previous one would freeze at certain points in the game but now it's not doing that (with the replacement BFG card).

It suggests to me that eVGA has crappy hardware. It's a 6200 while the BFG card is 5700. I wouldn't game with low end cards but still, it's a PITA and now I have to see if it can be returned. I'll never get a eVGA card again.
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  1. It doesn't happen to be a a 6200 with turbo cache does it? That would be the problem right there.
  2. eVGA is THE top brand for nvidia cards and nvidia based motherboards, it must've been your luck.
  3. Well don't blame yourself evga is top notch when it comes to quality. It was just a bad card or if he had one with turbo cache and he had 256mb of memory it would certainly freez and crash.
  4. It's a e-Geforce 6200 LE DDR2 256MB AGP 8x. Is that one that has turbo cache? I can't find any specs that indicate that on the box. I'm researching online right now. Is this the reason? If so, why would that (turbo cache) crash the computer?
  5. Well because turbo cache uses the system ram and if you have something like 256mb ram it will crash because it uses up all the ram.
    And didn't you know le comes from lame edition.
  6. I think there is at least 512 of RAM in the computer, maybe 1 Gig.

    But, I forgot to check the RAM and PSU. I suppose one or the other could be the culprit but no, I didn't know of any problem with the 6200 LE model.

    Can anyone tell me one way or the other whether the 6200 LE is turbo cached? It's not, right???
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