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I need to reformat my Dell E e310 computer. I want to clean the whole thing out and put windows 7 in. I have the operation xp disk. I have read what people have written on what to do but it is not working. Actually I get as far as the blue screen but then I do not know what to do since there are so many places to go. I do not hear the disk spinning either. Can someone please help me. It all started with some virus. When I try to do anything on it some ad comes up for a virus checker. I am back in school now and need to clean it out so I can put the windows 7 on it. Even if I could just reformat to get rid of the virus. So please help me out, I know there are a lot of geeks around.

Thank you
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  1. Do you have the system Restore discs from dell?
    These disks will wipe out everything
    on the hard drive and reinstall Windows.

    If you do not have these discs
    then you can hit repeatedly the F8 key while you Restarting your PC until you get a menu from which select
    command prompt. Once the command prompt window opens
    type Format C: (including the colon) and hit Enter.
    Everything on the C: drive will be deleted and the
    disk formatted. Now you'll need to install an operating
    Finally if nothing work for ya :
    just get yourself a new HDD 500gig & take that Dell HDD out of your PC
    & Install your win 7 on it
    Good luck...
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