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My ProTools / DIGI002 won't work properly with Windows XP media Center. It isn't approved for Windows 7 and I hate Vista. If Media center is XP pro with some extras, is there any way to rid or turn off the Media center features that may be messing up the use of ProTools>
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  1. If it will work in Vista, it will almost always run fine in Win7. They are very similar architecturally.

    If you want to stick w/ Xp:

    Right-click on My Computer and click on manage. Go to "services" look for any services running that have Media Center in the description and disable them.

    Second, go into your registry (start:run: regedit) and back it up (file:export) then go to the search command (ctrl f) make sure keys, values, and data are checked. Type in ehsched and delete anything having to do with ehsched , ehmsas , and ehrecvr. (to find the next key click f3)

    Do the same search for “media” or "media center" if you are uncertain that the file is a "media center" file, then search for the file in google.

    After you do this you will notice your computer runs faster.

    By doing this you are giving up your Media Center. You may also want disable Windows "auto-update". I found that microsoft tries to restore missing components.
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