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I'm after some help. I have a nice old twin sitdown Daytona machine with no working screens and I can't afford new 50 inch screens. I want to use some old big CRT monitors I have. How to I convert from 4BNC to a VGA, I assume I have to be technical with the sync lines?

Can anyone out there help me?

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  1. Not sure which direction you want to go.... But in either case, vga card to bnc, or bnc card to vga, your local commercial pc shop should be able to help. Most of these cables though are either five bnc's or three...

    Hmm... Check with Sun or HP?
  2. Its arcade hardware, with RGB and a Black (composite sync) bnc. These are male connectors and I want to plug in a vga monitor so it needs to be male.

    Originally there was a rear projector screen that took 4bnc as an input... so I am hoping it is a standard so I can make a cable.....

    any ideas?
  3. Not sure if this is what you re looking for, but you might need to TV Tuner/Video Capture Devices.

    1) Pinnacle Deko D1 Input Card + Truevision MCi 3V-0 Card, found on EBay.

    2) Check Hauppauge homepage.

    3) Pinnacle

    Hope this helps you out some.
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