PNY S-CURE Storage Card setup?

I've just got a PNY S-CURE Storage Card 5 ports (they use netcell controller), i wondering anyone know whether i can set it up as a 5 individual sata drives.

I am now connect 3 drives, it set up 1st and 2nd drive as array 0 and array 1 for 2 of the drive, when i try to setup 3rd drive it said it can't.

Anyone familiar with these kind of array setup? if i want to use as 5 single drive, can i setup 5 array?

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  1. I've been using these cards for a while. You cannot set up the drives as individual drives. You said you had 3 hard drives, but you were trying to setup a RAID 1 AND a RAID 0. That is not possible, as far as having 2 drives per RAID, unless you have 4 hard drives.

    These are the configurations you can have with the 5 port cards:

    1 Drive = RAID 0
    2 Drives = RAID 0 or 1
    3 Drives = 2 disks in RAID 0 or 1, plus 1 disk in RAID 0;
    or 3 drives in RAID 3
    4 Drives = 2 (2 disk) RAID 0 or 1 setups;
    or 1 (3 disk) RAID 3, plus 1 RAID 0 (1 disk);
    or 4 disks in one RAID 0 array.
    5 Drives = (5 disks) RAID 3,
    or 1 RAID 3 of 3 disks, plus one RAID 0 or 1 array of 2 disks;
    or 1 RAID 0 with 4 disks, and one RAID 0 with one disk.

    I know it sounds weird, but they basically setup the card so that if you want to use one hard drive by itself, you have to set it up as RAID 0. And no, you can't setup all 5 disks as individual RAID 0 arrays. You can only setup a max of 2 RAID arrays on any one card.

    I realize this is a little bit late, but I figured just in case you're still tinkering, it might help, and I just happened to see your post.
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