IRQ problem betweem sound card and IDE controller

I have a IDE controller in my old pc and i just installed a Creative Live! sound card and when i load up windows it gives an error that both devices are using IRQ 9.

Does anyone know how to force a device to use a specific IRQ?

This had never happend to me before, so i'm totally clueless.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. You can specify IRQ's and DMA's in BIOS but there should not be a need to do so. What you could try is uninstall and remove the soundcard, then place it in a different PCI slot. If this does not work go to your BIOS and see if "pnp OS installed" is set to no, this setting allows BIOS to configure all your PCI pnp hardware like the soundcard and should set an IRQ for it that does not conflict with other hardware. For more info on this setting and other BIOS settings check out this place:

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