P35 FSB and RAM Frequencies

First build for my new Q6600. I have the processor and have decided to get the P35-DQ6 mobo. RAM is the last component to get. The question i have is that since i do not plan on overclocking, i should get PC-4200 (PC533 RAM) to run at a freq of 266 (a 1:1 mem to fsb freq). If i get the new PC-1066 memory (running at 533 mem clock) can i specifiy in the bios for the memory to run at 533 and the processor fsb to run at 266 (i know that nvidia 680 boards have an unlink mode, does the intel p35 chipsets have this feature as well)

The difference in the price between DDR2-667 and DDR2-800 and DDR2-1066 is not the issue, i want the fastest ram that i can run at stock speeds

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  1. Yes, there will be a setting in the bios, you will be able to either simply select the memory speed from a list, or choose a divider (in this case 1:2) that represents the ratio between fsb:ram that you want to use..... not sure which, as I haven't seen the bios for this board, but you can definitely do what you are asking about.
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