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Home Design 3D software

I am helping my friend find a suitable home design program which will simulate a design and home "walk through" in 3D. I have my own licence of Autocad and that is not what we want.

This one caught my eye:

Can anyone make some suggestions regarding the usefulness of this or other similar programs?

Thank you for your attention!
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    Based on my experience, those programs that are made for pure visualization are not very robust and it can be quite frustrating to work with.

    They are different world from autodesk programs.

    However, you can try one to see in you are getting what you want. I used to make 3d houses with google sketchup for the sake of simplicity.
  2. Thank you for your input!

    I downloaded Google Sketchup and will take a look at it before I pass it on to my friend.

    All your suggestions are welcome!
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  4. Thank you 10robinho!
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