Overvoltage effect in OC.....question please.

I have just try OCed my E4300 @ 3000 (with the same setting that i had read in internet).
I was wondering.....
How far can overvoltaging effect my system's lifetime?
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  1. I know that i have said ''I would not OC it till 1 or 2 years'' but i can't help resisting the temptation :p
  2. Really depends on the temperature. Overvolting a little wont do anything to it. Buying a stock CPU and getting it say at 1.2vcore aint going to make much difference if you go to 1.25vcore, even though its still best to get it as low as you can.

    But, overvolting something to like 1.6 vcore and not providing adequate cooling, will kill it. I cant say how long it would take or anything, but if theres no warnings come up on the motherboard or anything then eventually itll die rather quickly.
  3. Thank you very much for the reply.
    Then how about (for example) E4300 @ 3GHz with 1.5375V?
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