Corrupt ntoskrnl caused bsod's on boot

Okay so im new to your forum not the page itself just the community behind it so i believe iv posted this in the correct section. I may be new to this site but im not a total newb so dont worry about getting a little technical with me, as i am ready to get alittle messy to fix this and any help will be so very grewatly appreciated! That being said iv searched your forums and found a few things that seemed to help but at the moment im at a loss...

See i have two ide drives running currently. One is a WD and the other a seagate barracuda, the Wd being the local disk and the Seagate the new volume. The bad news iv noticed is that im running Xp pro x64 and iv heard how hard it is to find what you need when it comes to fixing it. Now i had this system working just fine a few months ago after much fiddling with jumper settings (something i have yet to completly comprehend). My intention was to have the os on my wd and any other programs while keeping the seagate as virgin as possible so all my media stayed intact.

Problem is i at some point in the past somehow corrupted or removed the file "ntoskrnl.exe" and windows would remind me of that every chance i gave it meaning everytime it booted and then would shutdown saying "windows could not start because the the following file is missing or corrupt: <Windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe. Please re-install a copy of the above file".

Now it gets worse from here so stay with me. At the time that this happened i was packing up my stuff for summer break as i was leaving, so i didnt have the time to remove what little media i had on the local disk C to my new volume D and reinstall\repair install windows on the main disk (if that is indeed what i was being asked to do at all?).
So i opted out and took my drive with me so that i could still download files to it as i pleased from another system over break. Which is were it got worse.

See now that im back and at it again trying to copy over any files on my disk C to D and iv found that i could get windows to boot! Kickass right? Not!

At first yes it was all working peachy and i was in the GUI copying the files maybe a good 25 min into the transaction before windows bsod's and tells me the stop code "0x0000007a' Kernel_data_inpage_error. So i power back up and hope for the best and then all of the sudden here i am back in the gui again so i run a chkdsk on my disk C and it says the drive is working fine then i checked the device manager and again the disk was fine. So im sitting there confused and the screen at some point again bsod's and shows another stop code "0x00000077" Kernel_Stack_Inpage_Error.

Iv read up on both and iv found that it could be quite a number of causes some of which have nothing to do with this stop code at all or even that this could be the cause of several previous errors before the one i get a warning for... I did find that i think its more likely to be my boot.ini file but like i said im at a loss. See im not sure if i should rebuild my boot.ini or maybe repair windows or what because now its starting to affect my Volume D! Now when i boot i can SOMETIMES get to wingows gui and others i cant boot at all as im "missing a proper boot device". Then if i do get into the gui its a 80/20 % chance that my volume D isnt to be found at all. I can see it when going through the ide scan process during a boot up. Other than that though if i have the volume D connected at all its like i said 80/20 that i wont even get my disk C to work... that means no gui no windows boot screen no nothing all i get is: just a insert a proper boot device and press any key...

So far i havent wanted to try anything drastic as it seems to me my disk (whichever one it is thats fscking it all up) is about to die and both drives have quite a decent amount of important data (to me at least). I tried my more simple fixes i found after searchig the stop codes like changing out the ribbon cable for a new one and messing with my jumpers but again, it was already working originaly and i doubt a stop code fix is going to fix it now since i dont usually get both drives running to even give me another bsod.

I think thats whats making it worse is that i can get to windows just fine now with only C installed (and it even seems to be stable!)Then as soon as that volume D is in its usual slave position my computer is as useless as windows. At least before i could see both drives in my my computer before the bsod. Both rives are relativly new and were in working order just awhile back and now im not sure whats doa because if the disk D is dead then why cant i still boot from C while when theyre both connected?

Im sure someone understands my confusion.
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  1. Copy another working NTDETECT.COM, boot.ini and ntldr files from the root drive of a working PC to the corrupted one. Make a backup somewhere, if this fails then you will have to clean reinstall Windows
  2. skyline0511 said:
    Copy another working NTDETECT.COM, boot.ini and ntldr files from the root drive of a working PC to the corrupted one. Make a backup somewhere, if this fails then you will have to clean reinstall Windows

    Sorry but I only have one computer running windows x64 so i doubt that solution will get me going. unless maybe there is another source for such files.
  3. I decided to check the volume D for stability on another pc and all the files are just fine. So now that i have half as many files to worry about losing i looked up how to perform the above mentioned tasks in the recovery console but im new to using the consoles manual cmd line option so im not too sure on what to do. I read i should "Manually delete the Undo_guimode.txt file from Windows\System32" but i honestly have no idea what that does. Basiclly if someone who knows what they are doing thinks deleting and replacing the ntldr,, and the boot.ini will help then could you walk me through it.
  4. 91 reads and only the one helpful reply? Damn
    I guess then i can expect no further help from the community here?
  5. You sure the jumpers are right? Make sure not to have both drives on the same IDE channel. Try a different 4 pin power connecter maybe one of them is going bad. Is windows installed on both drives?
  6. I will bet you this will help, as I've had kernel problems before myself. NTOSKRNL.EXE is, well, the OS's base kernel loader. If it gets lost, you can't really just copy new files to the boot drive and expect it to work because certain other files related to the bootloader will not know those files are there. They're looking at a certain sector and data block that points to the old file.

    What you can do:
    Reinstall Windows XP x64. Do so as a repair installation though. This is assuming your WD drive is not having physical problems, which it sounds like it's not. Install to the same partition on the same drive as you currently boot from. I don't remember the procedure exactly, but this step by step (link at the bottom) saved my a$$. Your programs will still work, your data will be there, and all you need to do is redownload all the Windows updates.

    I really hope this helps you, man. It sucks when the OS bites the dust. It doesn't happen very often for me now that SP2 is out, but occasionally, maybe once every year or two, something dies in the OS.
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